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Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Time to Party w/ Cookies, Cupcakes, and Ice Cream!

Are you ready for a party???  This is a little project I put together for a party we had at our house.  We have used it to decorate cookies & cupcakes, and we have used it for ice cream toppings for banana splits.  The teens in this house LOVE it :)  They can decorate their own cupcakes & cookies, or add their own special toppings to their ice cream. 

I started with a See & Store magnetic stand (someone had given it to me and it had been sitting around in its box for quite a while.  Glad I FINALLY found a use for it!) and flipped it over on its side.
Then I added some fun scrapbook papers, ribbon, and bling to it.
I found some small spoons (the kind like they give you an ice cream sample with) and I punched a hole in the top of each of them.  Added some ribbon and a jewel.
I took one of the plastic containers and cut a slot out of the top so that the spoons could slide down into it.
Then I filled the containers with all kinds of sprinkles and toppings.
I took a clear plastic container and added some embellishments to it.  Then I tied a ribbon to the tops of the frosting tubes and put them into the container.
VOILA!  We are now ready to party!  Now all we need are some cupcakes and some cookies :)
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